Currently, I live in Mountain View, California with my cat, Minnie. I'm not from here, though. (Warning! Tedius history approaching!) I was born in Washington and grew up in a town called "Issaquah" which is pretty unnotable, although Egghead Software had its headquarters there until they moved to Spokane. I moved to Seattle and went to school at Seattle University and got my BS in Electrical Engineering there. I also founded a Circle K club (which is a Kiwanis sponsored community service club) and edited (and wrote much of) the hall newsletters and headed the physics club as well as some other clubs. I was also inducted into three honor societies, Sigma Pi Sigma (Physics, which I minored in), Tau Beta Pi (Engineering), and Alpha Sigma Nu (Jesuit). I even found time to help be an adult leader for one of the local Scout troops.

After graduating I went to work for a couple years and saved money to go back to school to get my masters degree. During that time I designed communications controllers and power supplies and things like that (Okay, I'll fess up; I designed Gas Pump control systems, too). Right before leaving Washington, I biked from Seattle to Portland in the 1992 STP. That's over 200 miles and frankly, I was pretty beat afterward. (Note: I biked the STP on Saturday and Sunday and then on Monday I took the bus back. I was way too beat to do much at work, anyway, so I always have wondered whether I should have taken that day off as a vacation day or as sick leave.) I also started my own company, Video Innovations, but I never really got past playing with all the nifty video and office equipment I bought to ever get any work done.

I came to California in the Fall of 1992 and entered Stanford. I didn't do much but study for the ensuing year. My Masters of Science in Electrical Engineering was conferred in Fall of 1993, and I went through the graduation ceremonies in June of 1994. Since the Fall of 1993, I have been working at a local carnival painting faces and twisting balloons into small animals. No, just kidding, I would never do something as cruel as stuffing a balloon into a small animal. Actually, I worked at Hewlett Packard in Palo Alto on RAM circuits and generators, up until August of 1995 (Chances are if you have a recent HP Laser or Inkjet printer, you are using one of the RAMs I've worked on).
After that, I went to work for Sony Microelectonics designing analog video circuitry. You know the Sony Playstation? Well, I worked on the replacement to the CXA1645 (CXA2075) which provides the video output for that machine as well as the Sega Genesis. After working there for about a year, I decided I wanted my life to take a different direction so I went back to HP to work on Analog Circuit generation.

I've had and have lots of hobbies. I rollerblade, run, bike, swim, play table and regular tennis, and study martial arts. (I currently study Shotokan Karate, but I used to study Taekwondo). I play other things, too. I like to hike and camp, and I spent many years doing just that in Washington as I was earning my Eagle Scout rank as a Boy Scout.
I studied Mandarin Chinese for about a year but long hours at Sony put an end to that. I had studied Spanish for three years back in high school, too.
I like watching movies (who doesn't?) and of course have lots of audio, video and computer equipment which goes without saying, doesn't it? I rather enjoy Kung Fu movies and Japanese animation, but I like all types, really. I dabble with origami, astronomy, music (I played the clarinet for 5 years and the alto saxophone for three, plus I've DJ'd over a dozen dances for clubs and wedding receptions), photography, from time to time, and you name it. I still haven't finished my SR-71 Blackbird model rocket (which is in the background of the photo above, all it needs is a coat of black paint) and I was thinking of making Minnie a nice cat climber (Okay, so I didn't make one from scratch, but I did rebuild it). She adopted me in February of 1994 (by meowing a lot and affixing herself to my leg with her claws as I was trying to walk to my apartment) and well, I suppose I like having her around, although my official position is she's still a pain in the leg. I have also worked on cars for many years and do my own auto work and can fix all kinds of things. I'm a decent artist, at least with pencil sketches and I prefer to work in black and white, due to the fact that I'm farily color-blind.

For those women out there who have read Scott Adams' (author of Dilbert) informative article on the New Sex Symbols of the 90's I could point out that I've been programming since I was 10, and currently am responsible for programming, UNIX system administration and semiconductor design. It's hard to imagine any more evolution potential than that, unless I had a third arm and a spare brain. Plus, I'm still single, if you don't count my jealous kitty. Anyway, it hasn't helped me so far (maybe I'd better look into that extra arm thing). People tell me I have a goofy sense of humor and I like to think I'm a pretty nice guy. I even do a good job hiding the fact that I'm a nerd at heart (yeah, right. Well, don't burst my bubble). Occasionally, people can hardly tell because I do so many non-electronic things (including going to local seasonal events, dinners, parties, dancing and etc. with friends)
Vital Statistics:
Born: September 18, 1967
Hieght: 6'2"
Weight: 170 lbs.
Eyes: Blue
Heart Rate: ~60 bpm
Blood Pressure: 120/60
Shoe Size: 10 1/2 to 11
Levi's Preshrunk Jeans size: W 32, L 34
Favorite Snack: Big, Apple Fritter Doughnuts
Creature I'm Most Happy I'm Not: Nudibranch
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