Yet again, another 10 year update on the old personal page: 7/27/2006

(The old page was getting pretty old)

Currently, I live in Cupertino, California with my cat (Minnie), wife (Rena) and son (Alan). (Listed in order of appearance :)

What is a personal page, anyway? In years past, I'd just write it for friends to look at and have a laugh about. The internet seemed quite a lot smaller than today. Nowdays, there's huge mega-page sites filled with personal pages for millions of people. I'd like to think that even though I never update them, my webpages stand for something beyond the simple personal home page.
Yes, they stand for some truly nerdy things that you could really only do with the server in your living room. No self-respecting web hosting company would have the temperature at my house on display, for example.

And I really had to fight for these pages, too. DSL is so bad in the neighborhood it wasn't viable. Static IPs are not available with cable, so I had to go extreme. There's a 5.8GHz radio bouncing off a 24" dish sitting atop a 7' mast right at the top of my house next to the front yard.
It looks like I'm about to uplink to the spy network.
But it gives honkin' big pipe so that we are the internet, not just browsing it. Which brings me back to my personal page, again. I haven't had the time to fill up anything personal on these pages. Last few years have been spent buying and fixing up this "unique fixer-upper opportunity" of a house and raising my son.
I suppose that's about as personal as you can get... Taking care of your family and where you live. I expect things will slow down again in a few years and I'll go back to some more creative writing on my webpages as well as more of those nerdy services and investigations that can only be hosted here. Tune in several years from now for a more regular update of the personal page!