"No Limits" Monitor.INF File for Windows

Recently, I discovered that my HP P1110 Plug & Play 21 inch monitor was capable of some pretty amazing resolutions with my Leadtek Winfast Nvidia GeForce2Pro graphics card.  I was trying out a monitor switch to see what the maximum resolution it supported was, and found that my monitor no longer came up as a P1110, as the ID sense line was not connected on one of the cheap cables I was using.  No matter, I figured, since the system allowed the resoultion I had been using with the default monitor setup.

Then I noticed that the screen was flickering.  To make a long story short, I discovered two things:

  1. The default driver won't let you run at any refresh rate higher than 60Hz, no matter what the settings tab says
  2. The default driver would let you run at much higher resolutions than the limit the plug & play set (1600x1200).
Then I decided I'd just load a profile that let me set the card to its maximum settings and fiddle around with it.  Well, I couldn't find one.  So, I made one.  Monitor drivers are pretty easy, actually, since no files are loaded into the system. The .inf file just sets some registry settings, allowing the real video card drivers to make some queries about the capabilities of the monitor.

To install, simply download my davemon.INF file, go to your System Properties/device manager/monitors and select your properties.  Go to the driver tab, update driver, and display list of all drivers in a specific location.  Use browse and select the directory where you stored the davemon.INF file.  You should then be able to select the No Limits monitor!

Download the davemon.INF file which is about 2KB.

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