Silicon Valley's Own Video Innovations

You have reached the web pages of Video Innovations of Santa Clara, Co, CA, in the heart of Silicon Valley.
Try this link if you're looking for the completely unrelated Video Innovations of Wilkes-Barre, PA. You might have reached our site by accident since we've been around for years longer than they have.

We specialize in Video and Audio production. Unfortunately, we don't specialize in web page production at this time.


Video Innovations has a long history of video filming and production work and has been using all digital systems from taping through editing to DVD authoring. We may include some clips here, but work includes everything from videotaping for TechNation to Wedding videos.

For information on additional copies of one of our video productions, please contact David Pietromonaco (pietro directly.


The Video Innovations Soundsystem has recently begun the writing and all digital production of original music for it's own sake as well as to support video production.
And because its a hoot. There are a few songs available for download, too.
Video Innovations is a private company owned by David Pietromonaco.